Best Alternative Fun Games Like Onmyoji

If you are a regular player of Onmyoji, once in this time a thought of trying other similar games might hit your mind. It is also possible that you might be bored of playing the same game again and again, and looking for trying your skills on something new.

Here, we have collected a few games based on their similarity to Onmyoji in one or another way. So, next time if you get bored with Onmyoji or want to relax your mind with some fun games, you can go for these alternatives to Onmyoji.


And if you are looking it to play on bigger screen, here is how to get Onmyoji on PC, and here is how to get Onmyoji on Mac.

Alchemist Code

Like Onmyoji, Alchemist Code is also a strategic turn-based game. It has lots of features to offer giving players a somewhat similar gaming experience to Onmyoji. You will be allowed to use a favorable element to attack the enemies from a higher ground and behind. The game offers amazing skills and fire which are highly helpful in speeding up the progress to the next level.

This gameplay provides more than 50 heroes to choose from and power up, where each hero is capable of unlocking three different jobs containing the unique skill set. It has three main game modes – multiplayer mode, PvP arena mode, and single-player story mode. You can also team up in a group and take on the challenges

Alchemist Code

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars is another alternative fun game to Onmyoji; here you have to explore the galaxy to collect the favorite characters, this concept makes it a turn-based hero collector game. The game revolves around collecting your favorites and makes their team with generic fighters so that you can create a strategy together to fight for both light and dark sides.

It is recommended to start your game with light side tutorial players which will help you to learn the basics of teamwork, how to attack and how to use skills. Similar to other turn-based games, this game also includes commanding individual units if you are chosen to attack the opposing units or make use of the special ability.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Seven Knights

It is another game which has marked its place as an alternative fun game like Onmyoji. In this gameplay, there are more than 200 heroes to choose from and there are numbers of ways to upgrade them that help a lot in smoothing your journey. Like other mobile games, this too has many things to offer that keep players involved in the gameplay for hours. The game has more than a hundred levels and each level has three different complex stages to master.

The completion of each stage takes only a few minutes, allowing your heroes to play them automatically using various other additional options. These options help in enhancing speed and skills.

Seven Knights

Summoners War

Like Onmyoji, it is also a turn-based game in which players summon and have to collect numerous beasts and creatures so that they can enter in a role-playing battle in a beautifully created 3D world. Each monster has its own unique abilities and skills, which makes them able to take on different battle roles. The monsters fighting in this 3D world are commanded to attack their enemies using their abilities and skills, making interactive and strategic gameplay.

Summoners War