Onmyoji Beginner’s guide – Tips You Must Know

Onmyoji is all about how you protect the peace between demons and humans threatening by the evil spirits. You have to clash with real players around the world in strategic turn-based battle. You have to prepare a team of powerful spirits, shikigami, to fight by your side.

The game offers hundreds of shikigami, where each has its own unique skills, skins and back story. Simply discover them and add to your team to fight against the evil spirits and play strategically to win awesome rewards.

Though Onmyoji has some complex mechanics, so understanding everything in this gameplay might take some time for new players. If you are a beginner, we have come up with this guide to help you to understand Onmyoji in a much better way.

Onmyoji Beginner's guide

In case you have not yet Installed Onmyoji on your PC, here is the way to get it on PC and on Mac

Be Familiar With Characters

Obviously, if you are not familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the characters you are going to choose, it would never be possible to make a good team. You can choose from two types of characters – Onmyodo and Shikigami. Onmyodo will act as the leader of your team, as you have to choose one so the numbers do not matter. Shikigami are important minions in your team. As you have hundreds of shikigami to choose from, so it is important to know about them to choose the best and strong ones.

Sacrifice Normal Shikigami

The hundreds of Shikigami are divided into varied tiers, where you must go with rarer shikigami to make a permanent team, whereas, on the other hand, the normal shikigami tend to outlast their usefulness quite quickly. When you have started your game, no choice left for you except keeping all your shikigami regardless of rarity. But, once you learn the mechanics of the game, you must focus on long-term shikigami whereas normal shikigami can be used as a sacrifice so that you can level up your team.

Onmyoji Beginner's guide

Complete Quests Before Sacrificing Shikigami

You must not sacrifice a shikigami before completing the respective quests. Each shikigami has three quests which have to complete in order to earn rewards. Always keep in mind that these quests are not easier to complete, you have to put your efforts and some time in completing all three quests for each shikigami. To find the quests, simply visit the Bio section of a shikigami.

Equip and Utilize Souls Properly

The game allows you to equip a wide range of souls for each shikigami, hence, work effectively in making your shikigami stronger only if you know how to utilize them in a proper way. If you equip two or more souls to your shikigami, you will get bonuses in attack, skills and in other aspects. So, give your best to find the souls effectively so that they can boost the strength of a particular shikigami.

Play Demon Paradise

The Demon Paradise is a mini game in Onmyoji game that can be joined when the tickets are available. Playing this mini game provides you an opportunity to win a number of shikigami shards and works great in unlocking new shikigami. So, you must play this mini game whenever you get the chance.

Go through this guide and be the master of Onmyoji.